How To Make Frothed Milk …..

  1. Use cold milk (maximum 4o C), best if whole or full cream milk (3 – 3.5% fat).
  2. Fill a metal jug 1/3 to 1/2 full.
  3. Bleed the steam wand to remove any water that may have condensed inside of it.
  4. Submerge the tip of the steam wand 1 – 2 cm under the surface of the milk.
  5. Turn on the steam. Check the milk for air mix. Do not raise the steam wand above the milk surface, position the jug so that the steam pulls the bubbles down into the milk and slowly swills the milk around in the jug.

5 Simple Tips to Select the Best Coffee Beans

Coffee BeansIf you are passionate about your coffee, you should know how to choose the best coffee beans and grind them yourself to have the best coffee experience.

As a lover of coffee you have probably found the right blend or bean that exactly suits your taste. However there are many of us who have yet to experience the ultimate coffee experience.

Grinding your own beans means that the coffee bean will be in peak condition as long as it has been kept in an airtight container.

There is no comparison between the instant coffee you get on supermarket shelves and the coffee you get from freshly ground beans.

How To Make Really Good Coffee

Coffee BeansInfinite care goes into the growing, harvesting and processing of coffee in regions around the world. Equal care goes into the skilful blending, roasting, grinding and packing of the finished product. As a result of this careful preparation, it’s possible for you to enjoy the finest cup of coffee at your local coffee shop.

But … all these efforts are wasted if your coffee is badly made. Some people like strong coffee, others like it weaker, however there are certain Do’s and Dont’s that are imperative to a good cup of coffee. It’s so easy to make really good coffee, if you follow these simple rules ….

How To Make Espresso Coffee …..

    1. Switch on your coffee machine.
    2. Let your machine rise to a working pressure temperature of 1 Bar (this should take between 15 to 20 minutes).
    3. Grind the fresh roasted coffee beans stored in the hopper of your coffee bean grinder ( about 250 grams).
    4. Put the filter holder under the discharge spout of the grinder and pull the lever ONCE to discharge approx. 7 grams of the freshly ground coffee into the filter cup. Remove the filter cup from the grinder. Tap it slightly on the palm of your hand to spread the coffee evenly, then press it down with your hand tamper or the tamper affixed to your grinder.